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Proud of our heritage…

Formerly trading as Sturdiluxe, and then Datum Roadsweepers, Datum Attachments marks a new era for a company that has been leading the development of sweeping technology for the past sixty years. The current team has over 40 years experience in the roadsweeping, agricultural engineering and industrial equipment markets.

The change of name reflects the broader outlook of our new owners, Weldrack Ltd., applying our continued commitment to to innovation, build quality and customer service into new complimentary product ranges.

When you purchase a Datum Attachments product, you buy into our expertise and ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our latest sweeping products are supplied worldwide and offer cutting edge performance and reliability in a number of market sectors. We are fully committed to product development and the introduction of new technologies.

We continue to provide a comprehensive spares service for Sturdiluxe products as well as our current machinery.